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Transportation Assistance

Transportation Assistance

CAW/M is actively participating in the Transportation Coalition in both counties in an attempt to help find solutions for the ongoing transportation issues in Wayne and Medina County.


Available Programs


    Provides one free transportation benefit a month.

    • In Medina County eligible clients can choose between an unlimited monthly pass for the fixed bus route in Brunswick/Medina/Wadsworth or a pass for the demand bus system which includes 6 rides each month or 10 for the elderly and disabled.
    • Wayne County residents who live inside the Wooster City limits are eligible for a round trip ride with 2 stops with a locally contracted transportation provider.
    • Wayne County residents who live outside of the Wooster City limits are eligible for 2 round trip rides with 2 stops  with a locally contracted transportation provider.
    • All round trip rides require a 48-hour notice and are arranged by CAW/M staff with locally contracted transportation providers. Riders that can also get one additional stop, if needed, on that same day.

    Qualifications: total household income at or below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.


    Residents may purchase subsidized transportation passes to travel inside the Wooster City limits. Applications for free required program IDs, as well as the reduced rate passes, are only available at CAW/M. Program IDs cost $1.00.  Pass Options available are:

    • $2- one-way cab pass
    • $1.80- one-way WORK/EDUCATION passes (these may include work/education sites within a 3 miles radius of Wooster) These can also be used to take children to or from childcare when the parent is going to or from work.
    • $2- one-way wheelchair transportation

    Qualifications: total household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, live and travel within Wooster City Limits.


    Passes for the Transit may be purchased at full price by the general public at CAW/M. The prices are $2 for a single ride, $5 for a day pass, and $50 for a monthly pass.

    Qualifications: open to the public

    There have been a few changes to the Wooster Transit Blue Route this year.

    1. The stop (# 17) at Wren’s Way/Brown’s Hollow has been moved to Marc’s. It is still at the same time- 30 minutes after the hour.
    2. The stop (#5) at ATI/OARDC is at Fisher Auditorium at the front of the building near the fountain sculpture. It is still at the same time- 12 minutes after the hour.
    3. The stop (#6) at Campus Drive is now at Campus Drive and Secrest Road. It is still at the same time- 13 minutes after the hour.
    4. The stop (#26) at Monterey and Highland is now at Norway Drive and Highland. It is still at the same time- 55 minutes after the hour.

    New 2019 Wooster Transit Schedule


    Wayne County Mobility Management is a transportation partnership committed to the coordination of transportation services countywide and exploring new opportunities to improve transportation options for Wayne County residents. Mobility Management seeks to optimize ALL transportation resources in our community. Helping to inform, improve, and assist specialized transportation needs for older adults, people with disabilities, and individuals with lower incomes through a wide range of general public activities.

    Travel Training is available to help you travel independently and confidently! A travel trainer can help you learn to use the Wooster Transportation Program, Wooster Transit, GoBus and Baron’s Bus. Your Travel Trainer can focus on destination training, which teaches you to travel to a specific destination and back, or general training, which provides you with greater overall riding instruction.

    Each training program is individually tailored to your needs and will help you:

    • Plan your trip
    • Ride specific routes
    • Read and understand route maps and schedules
    • Get to and from your bus stop
    • Recognize bus numbers, bus stops, and landmarks
    • Pay fares and purchase tickets/passes
    • Get on and off the bus safely
    • Use the lift or ramp to board with a mobility device
    • Position your mobility device in the bus /train
    • Use the phone and/or Internet to plan your trip

    Call the Mobility Coordinator at Community Action Wayne/Medina at 330-264-8677 to learn more!

    View the 2018 to 2023 Locally Coordinated Transportation Plan 

    View the 2014 Locally Coordinated Transportation Plan

    Transportation Services

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